Thursday, July 31, 2014


Hi guys. So I tried doing some henna recently and I wanted to see what you think.

I quite liked it, and I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out looking alright, because I can't draw for my life! 

Honestly if you are or have been considering doing henna I would definitely recommend that you do it, it's actually quite fun. If you are going to do it, try and get earth henna, as it shows up on skin better (at least it did in my case).

And I didn't find it to have any bad effects, like skin rash or anything. 

And for the first time you do it I would recommend using a stencil, or drawing it out first, as getting the feel for the bottle and the amount of pressure needed takes a bit of time. And of course if you're hopeless at drawing , like me, a stencil will ensure that your henna still looks awesome!

Henna gets a big thumbs up from me :)

Now for the cheesy quote to go with this post:

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