Monday, August 25, 2014

Crazy train experience!

Hey guys, so i know it's been forever since I posted but my life just got really hectic all of a sudden. For one thing my dad and his wife just got back from Vietnam and have been coming over to see me sister and i non stop. It's been exhausting!! Imagine doing nothing for a full week and then having someone come over and drag you places you really don't want to go, it sucks!

We did end up having a pretty okay time though, and my dad did take my sister and i into New York City for a day, which was nice. Although i have to be honest I was a bit alarmed about going into the city with him, because last time he took us into the city we ran into a bit of a problem on the train ride home.

My dad decided we should sit in the silent train car, and since my sister and I rarely go into the city we had absolutely no idea that we were in the silent car and my dad didn't think to tell us. So I bet you can imagine what happened, we were all talking at a normal volume, and this man sitting behind us yells, "you know this is the quiet car you could show a little respect", or something along those lines, actually I think what he said was a bit nastier. Suffice it to say my sister and I were effectively embarrassed, and then to make matters even worse when the guy went to get off the train my dad tried to go and confront him about the whole thing. I had to literally stop my dad from going to tell off the guy a good ten minutes after the incident occurred, I mean come on. 

Luckily nothing like that happened this time, although my friend and I did manage to get lost on the Subway for at least 15-20 min trying to find a museum. But that was actually still pretty fun, and we did eventually get to the museum and we had a great time!

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